Five Common Issues that can be fixed with Hot Water Heater Repair in Itasca County, MN

No one likes to turn on the water for a nice, hot shower, only to stand there for several minutes before realizing that there’s no hot water available! We rely on hot water daily in our homes and if there’s an issue affecting your hot water heater, it’s going to take more of a toll than just peeving you when you’re ready for a shower—your dishwasher, washing machine and sinks all require hot water as well.

So, what’s the issue behind your lack of hot water? Or worse, yet, are you experiencing a problem that goes beyond just heating the water in your home? Take a look at five of the most common hot water heater issues and how hot water heater repair in Itasca County, MN can right these wrongs:

  1. No hot water. As mentioned above, there’s virtually nothing more annoying than not being able to get the hot water that you need when it’s time to wash the dishes or take a shower. If you’re lacking hot water, the issue is most likely one with the regulatory heating component. On gas models, this would be the pilot light—if it’s faulty, you’re not going to get the heat you need. On electric models, we’re talking about the thermostat—if it’s not working correctly, the heat will never kick on!

  2. Loud functional noises. The water in your hot water heater is heated to a high temperature for use, but it’s not actually boiled. If there is a layer of sediment at the bottom of your hot water tank, it could be causing your water to boil, which will make noise. Flush your tank completely, including all of its components, to remove any sediment and check your water softener to ensure that any particles in your water are being removed.

  3. Anode rod rust. One of the simpler facets of hot water heater repair in Itasca County, MN, anode rod replacement will help to alleviate any rusty water that’s becoming an issue for you. Anode rods are present in most hot water heaters and slowly dissolve over time to eliminate rust—however if yours has met the end of its life or isn’t dissolving properly, then rust will have the ability to build up and affect your water supply.

  4. Bad smelling water. As is the case for any component in your home, if your hot water heater starts giving off a bad smell—like rotten eggs—it’s a good idea to call for service immediately. A bad smell in your hot water heater is likely the result of a bacterial infection inside of the tank. If this occurs, a plumbing professional will likely flush your tank with a special solution and install a zinc alloy anode rod to get rid of the bacteria for good.

  5. Leaking issues. There are a number of explanations for a leaking hot water heater, however the most common generally involves water that’s being overheated, thus affecting the temperature and pressure valve of your unit. If this happens, the valve will remain open, so consider lowering the temperature of your water to see if it helps close the valve entirely. If the problem persists, call a professional for comprehensive hot water heater repair in Itasca County, MN.

There are far worse problems than not getting the hot water you need when it comes to your home’s plumbing systems, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still wholly inconvenient to deal with a hot water heater malfunction. If you’re experiencing any of the five issues above, call a plumber for hot water heater repair in Itasca County, MN today.

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