Maintaining Your Investment with the Right Water Heater Repairs in Grand Rapids, MN

It’s a situation that many homeowners find themselves facing, especially if they’ve lived in their home for a number of years: the water heater is on the fritz and there’s no money left in the household budget to get it fixed. What do you do? Is there anything that can be done?

The short answer, is yes: there are plenty of ways to salvage your old hot water heater and make the most of it until you’re able to scrap together the funds to make a complete replacement. Take a look at a few simple, yet highly important, hot water heater repairs in Grand Rapids, MN that could be your saving grace:

Flush the tank: Few homeowners realize that their hot water heater needs to be flushed annually. As a result, many homes go years and years before their tanks are properly flushed, leading to all sorts of problems within the hot water heater itself. By having a professional come out to flush your tank, you can save yourself from premature wear that’ll likely force larger problems into the picture.

Replace the anode rod: This is perhaps the simplest of all hot water heater repairs in Grand Rapids, MN and can be a quick fix to a water heater that appears to be on its last legs. Over time, anode rods can succumb to erosion, spreading particles into the rest of your tank, causing it to malfunction or produce sub-par results. Replacing the rod and having your tank flushed in conjunction can allot you a few more months of functionality if you’re between a rock and a hard place.

Insulate your tank: Adding insulation to a hot water heater isn’t something that everyone thinks of doing, but it’s a quick procedure that can yield fantastic results for the homeowner. Insulation can reduce the heat loss of a tank by up to 45 percent, which equates to an annual saving of roughly 9 percent on water heating related costs. Not only does this improve your home’s efficiency, it’ll ensure that your heater doesn’t have to overwork itself to provide you with the water temperatures you need.

Before you consider yourself backed into a corner, looking at the cost of a brand new hot water heater, consider these three options as salvage options for your existing unit. By taking care of some minor repairs, you could instill new life into your unit in a way that ensures its functionality for both the short and long term.

Having a professional inspect your tank and recommend hot water heater repairs in Grand Rapids, MN could be your answer to a tight household budget and your need for hot water on a daily basis. Give Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. a call today to schedule your hot water heater inspection and know that you’re in the hands of trusted professionals who are ready to help you make the most out of this crucial household amenity.

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