Ask a Plumbing Contractor in Grand Rapids, MN How to Keep Pipes Safe This Winter

There are all sorts of things to worry about during winter. Shoveling and salting the driveway, preventing ice damming on the roof, making sure those holiday lights are up on time—winter is full of chores that help pass away the coldest months.

One issue you may not have thought of, but could very well be one of the most important, is making sure you don’t have a pipe problem this winter. Cold weather can cause the water inside of pipes to freeze—the resulting expansion can cause a burst in the pipe, leaving you with an expensive mess on your hands and a major plumbing repair job.

Having this happen is truly a disaster, one that can actually be avoided pretty easily with the right techniques and a little know-how. Next time a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN is at your house, be sure to ask for some useful tips, but in the mean-time, here is a useful guide to get you started.

Prevention is key

The most important factor in keeping a pipe from bursting is prevention. Proper prevention means ensuring the water in those pipes won’t freeze, no matter how severe the weather is outdoors.

To achieve this, the first step is to conduct a full examination of your house, this way you will know where every exposed pipe and valve is. Once you have this figured out, consider splitting the areas into two sub-groups: the ones in heated areas and the ones in non-heated areas, such as a garage or basement. Now that you have a good idea of where all your plumbing is, now the real prevention can begin.

You probably already know to turn off any water supplies that go to outdoor valves; most likely you do this every year when you put the hoses away, or a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN does it during a yearly inspection. Once that is done, you should inspect the pipes in heated areas for any visible wear and tear, or possibly even leaks. Any problems should be addressed before the cold weather sets in. After this, you can move onto the pipes in unheated areas.

Identify problem areas

Pipes in unheated areas typically are where problems arise. The cold weather allows a section to freeze, which builds up until finally bursting. Areas subject to the most problems are pipes near the foundation of your home or windows that allow cold air in. Simply fixing the window probably will help, as will pipe sleeves in areas closest to the outdoors.

Finally, make sure you run the water often and keep the inside of your house at a comfortable temperature, even when you are away. While on vacation, shutting off the main water line or having someone enter your house and run the water is a great prevention technique.

All of this will help, but nothing prevents pipe bursting quite like an inspection from a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN. They can spot problem areas and offer quick and easy solutions. When in doubt, consider relying on a professional.

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