10 Springtime Plumbing Tips from Your Plumbing Contractor in Grand Rapids, MN

Spring is the prime time of year to start prepping your home for the months ahead and perhaps no system is more in need of attention than your plumbing. After having just survived another frigid Minnesota winter, your home’s plumbing is going to need anything from minor maintenance to larger repairs to stay in good working order for you through the spring and summer months. Take a look at 10 springtime plumbing tips that you should take into consideration and have a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN help you out with:

  1. Check all of your faucets and sinks for leaks and drips. Have any repaired right away to ensure you’re not losing extra gallons each day in wasted water.
  2. Have your drains inspected and snaked to ensure that there are no unseen blockages waiting to cause you backups and flooding this spring.
  3. Check the temperature settings for your hot water heater and make sure they’re set no higher than 120-degrees. If you turned your water heater up for the winter, now is the time to turn it back down.
  4. Have your hot water heater flushed and drained to eliminate any sediment that may have built up since it was last emptied. Also have the anode rod inspected and replaced if necessary.
  5. Have exposed plumbing checked for leaks and cracks by a professional. Often, harsh winter weather can take a toll on unprotected plumbing, so having a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN look to gauge its integrity is a necessity.
  6. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are free and clear of debris. If these systems can’t jettison water away from your home, it could end up leaking into your basement, where it’ll be a problem for your sump pump to handle.
  7. Check to make sure that your toilet tank isn’t leaking water little by little. A great way to do this is to put a few drops of food dye in the tank and keep an eye on the bowl—if you see colors beginning to stream in, it’s a sign that you need your tank repaired.
  8. Make sure your toilets all flush properly and that they don’t require you to hold down the handle for a full flush. A simple press and release should be enough to fully evacuate your toilet—anything more indicates waste and a need for repairs.
  9. Have your back flow valve tested and repaired if there are any inconsistencies in its use. A plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN will be able to alert you to any issues that may require further observation or repairs.
  10. Have all of your external plumbing hookups tested and inspected before you use them. If there is any damage due to frozen hookups or other winter woes, have these hookups repaired right away.

This is just a list of 10 things you can get started on right away when spring rolls around. Speak with a plumbing contractor today for more information about how you can get your home and its plumbing ready for the seasons ahead.

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