Ask a Plumber in Grand Rapids, MN: What’s Wrong With My Toilet?

Toilet problems are one of the most common reasons to need a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN. While toilets are actually pretty simple devices, the intricate equipment that allows them to properly function day in and day out can occasionally break or come loose, and the results can get messy. People tend to recognize a problem with their toilet through simple observation. One day the toilet is working fine, and the next something is not quite right. Perhaps there’s an unusual sound coming from the toilet, or the flush just seems different.

Of course there are many problems that a toilet can experience, too many to list here, but every experienced plumber in Grand Rapids, MN knows that some problems are much more common than others. Here is a quick list of common toilet problems. If you think your toilet is experiencing any of them, it might be time to call a professional plumber.

  • Flush problems: Many problems have to do with flushing operation and are often noticed simply because the flush is a little different than normal. Here are just a few symptoms of a flush problem: weak or sluggish flushing, strong but partial flushing, double flushing or inability to flush. Any of these can arise from problems with the flapper or flush valve, or the setting on the water height. Another possibility is hard water depositing in the siphon or rim swirl hole. If the toilet will not flush at all, there is possibly a disconnected or broken part. A professional plumber in Grand Rapids, MN can easily fix problems with the flush.
  • Tank problems: Another common source of problems is the water tank. One very annoying problem is slow tank filling. Usually a tank should refill quickly after flushing, but a problem with the shut off valve can result in a tank that seemingly takes forever to refill, which can be an annoying problem if you are entertaining guests. Another problem is a tank that continues to drip after it refills with water, which can be resolved by inspecting and possibly replacing the tank valve. Finally, water collecting under and around the toilet tank means a constantly wet floor. If left ignored, this can result in damage to your flooring. Water collecting around the tank usually indicates worn washers around the bolts or feed line, and replacing these is not difficult if you know what you are doing.
  • Water running: One of the most common problems that plumbers encounter is the constantly running toilet, or the entirely clogged toilet. Constantly running toilets are noisy and can run up the water bill if not addressed immediately. Typically, the problem arises from a broken flush valve or even a problem with the fleet ball. Either can be replaced quickly, stopping the constant flow of water. A clogged toilet is also not difficult to resolve. Just remember not to flush items down the toilet that are not meant to be flushed. In most cases, a clog can be fixed using a simple plunger, but if this is not working, consider calling a plumber right away.

For further information about your toilet or for assistance in solving plumbing problems, call the team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc today.

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