Best Applications Plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN Recommend for Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless hot water heaters receive consideration for their efficiency and the endless supply of hot water provided to homes and commercial properties. This technology can benefit just about anybody, but plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN have found places where they offer the best advantages. Here are some applications that get substantial benefit from a tankless water heater.

Mobile homes

While many mobile homes can accommodate a full-size water heater, there are single-wides that still contain their original super-small heaters. People who live in these places may find that long hot showers are not feasible and a day where both a dishwasher and washing machine needs to run is also a day where hot water is at a premium. Tankless water heaters provide hot water for all these functions without taking up much space, making them a great addition to any mobile home where space is at a premium.

Larger homes with large families

Whether your home is comprised of a large group of immediate family members or you host frequent visitors, a tankless water heater means there is no premium on hot showers. Large families often need to play a hot water shuffle to ensure no one bathes in cold water, and that can often mean long waits and delays starting the day. A tankless water heater means abandoning this game for a situation where there is hot water available for everyone.

Point-of-use applications

Strain on hot water heaters also comes from having to move the water from one portion of the house to the other. This is not limited to large homes. Even a 1,000-square-foot apartment on two levels can delay hot water traveling between floors. Because tankless water heaters are small, it is possible to place one on each floor or near high-demand appliances, like clothes washers, to provide hot water more quickly.

Apartments and guest houses

Any living quarters where space is at a premium can benefit from a tankless water heater. Let’s face it: Would you rather use that closet for a hot water tank or for storage? When you replace that tank with a smaller and more efficient on-demand heater, you gain space along with an everlasting supply of hot water. In fact, many apartment managers switch to tankless because of cost-savings and being able to attract residents by offering more storage.

Outdoor work areas

If you run a hobby farm or fix cars in your own private shop, hot water can be useful for cleaning yourself and any parts or equipment. Hooking this up to the main water heater in the house can be inefficient, and buying a separate tank water heater often seems impractical. While the demand for hot water may not be excessive, having space is often a priority in these work areas. With a tankless water heater, you save space while getting the hot water you need when you need it.

As you likely see, plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN see many benefits to tankless water heaters. While they are appropriate just about anywhere, it is likely that your home or private work area can gain particular advantages. Contact Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc today to see what a tankless water heater can do for you.

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