Use This HVAC Fall Maintenance Checklist from Your Local HVAC Contractor in Grand Rapids, MN

Autumn is now upon us, and you might be having visions of leaf piles, pumpkin pie and Halloween costumes. But as an HVAC contractor in Grand Rapids, MN, the first thing we think of when it comes to fall is that it is time to do some routine HVAC maintenance. The changing of seasons is a great time to inspect and care for your HVAC system, as each new season brings different concerns.

While you can always hire an HVAC contractor Grand Rapids, MN for the job, you could also likely get much of this done yourself if you want to. Here’s a handy checklist to follow for HVAC fall maintenance:

  • Thermostat: As we transition from summer to fall, your thermostat settings will likely change with the outside temperature. Before the cold weather sets in, check your thermostat to make sure it is working correctly. To cut down on energy costs, you can also program it to be on low power during the times of day when your home is typically empty, and then have it power up a few notches during the mornings and evenings.
  • Electrical connections: If your electrical connections are not strong and solid, it could pose a serious risk to your safety, and also cut short the life of your HVAC appliances. If you are particularly handy with these things, you can try to measure the voltage power yourself. Otherwise, hire a high quality HVAC contractor in Grand Rapids, MN for the job.
  • Condensate drain: Your central AC and heating system likely has one or several drains. A clogged drain can lead to an overworked and ineffective HVAC system, and can also cause water damage and heighten your indoor humidity levels. During routine fall maintenance, check any drains in your HVAC system to ensure they are unclogged and working properly.
  • Lubrication: With virtually any machine, lubrication of individual parts is key to keeping things running smoothly. As fall approaches, take the time to lubricate all of your HVAC system’s moving parts, so as to keep them from wearing against each other and causing damage. Compressor oil works well for most HVAC systems, but if you aren’t sure what kind of lubricant to use, ask a trusted professional for advice.
  • Gas and oil connections: Just as with electrical connections, gas and oil connections also need to be in top shape for the fall season, particularly for the benefit of your heating system. Check and clean all your connections, and make sure none of them look burned or significantly damaged, as these can be signs of trouble. This task is crucial, and potentially dangerous, so many homeowners may feel more comfortable hiring an HVAC contractor for the job.

We hope this checklist proves useful for homeowners in the greater Grand Rapids area. If you would rather hire a qualified HVAC contractor in Grand Rapids, MN for any maintenance or repair job, please feel free to give Rapids Plumbing & Heating, Inc. a call anytime.

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