A Plumber in Grand Rapids, MN Helps You Prevent Washing Machine Floods

It is normally a benign decision—you decide to run some errands, but first, you will put in a load of laundry. After accomplishing your grocery shopping and other obligations, you arrive home to an inch of water in your laundry room and the need for a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN. While it is often recommended to never leave a washing machine unsupervised, sometimes our busy lives don’t always allow for that. Here are seven tips to prevent that washing machine flood:

  • Install an automatic shut-off valve: This step will prevent most floods in case of malfunction. Some also come with flood alarms, which will not help you if you are out and about, but can be heard if you are taking a nap or outside working in your yard.
  • Watch your hoses: Even if you have an automatic shut-off valve, always check the fittings and hoses for cracks, bulges and other signs of wear and tear. Consider replacing the coolant hose with a stainless steel braided one, as those last longer and are less likely to break.
  • Prevent frozen pipes: Pipes freezing cause all sorts of calamity to your plumbing, including the washing machine. Ask a plumber about insulating pipes and taking measures to keep them thawed through winter. On cold days, keep the door to your laundry room open to increase the access of warmer air to your exposed pipes.
  • Shut off the water: If you are about to take a long vacation or you would rather not risk flooding at all, turn off the water valves to your washing machine. This better-safe-than-sorry approach is a surefire way of making sure you do not get a hysterical call from your house sitter while visiting relatives over the holidays.
  • Check door seals: Front loaders will cause floods because the door seal wears out. If this damage is neglected too long, it is possible for the door to swing open while the washing machine is full and soak your entire laundry room. When small leaks start forming around the door, call a repair technician immediately.
  • Keep your machine clean and well-maintained: Keeping dust out of your washing machine means it will not clog up while draining between cycles. Also check for mold and mildew, as controlling those will also help the machine function better. Schedule regular drain cleanings so backed-up drains do not add to the chances of a flood.
  • Do not delay repairs: When you notice plumbing problems associated with your washing machine, deal with them immediately. Your washing machine uses too much water to take the risk of experiencing a soaked laundry room and wet rot. Besides, if you keep your washing machine and its plumbing in good working order, it also means avoiding the laundromat!

Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc can send a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN to your home today to install measures to prevent flooding, whether it is from your washing machine or toilet. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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