What Makes a Master Plumber in Grand Rapids, MN?

When you have a plumbing project to complete, you want a professional with top-shelf knowledge and skills. You want someone with experience. You want the best. You want a company that offers a master plumber in Grand Rapids, MN, because it offers superior workmanship and reliability. Why? Master plumbers possess the high-level of experience and talent required to reach this status. Following is a breakdown of the journey and the professional skills that allow plumbers to reach this level:

  • Apprentice: A master plumber has proven their knowledge and ability through many years of training and hours of hands-on experience. They most likely started as an apprentice plumber. Apprentices enter an apprenticeship program through a business or trade union and begin as a plumber’s helper. They are required to perform all duties under supervision of a master plumber or journeyman.
  • Journeyman: A journeyman is a licensed professional. Journeymen complete an apprenticeship, which typically lasts from two to five years. Once they have this experience under their belt, they can apply for a journeyman’s license. In addition to the required experience, they must pass a test demonstrating knowledge of the industry. Once they’ve obtained this license, a journeyman can work independently.
  • Master plumber: The next and highest level a plumbing professional can achieve is master plumber. A master plumber in Grand Rapids, MN has at least five years of experience, and must be able to provide references and pass an exam. Annual license renewal is also required. At this professional level, the plumber is skilled at planning, installing and supervising plumbing projects; familiar with laws governing these projects; and licensed to complete plumbing throughout the state for interior and exterior water service, storm sewer systems and sanitary sewer systems in residential and commercial settings.

While apprentices and journeymen train to learn how to complete jobs, read blueprints and often work under master plumbers, a master plumber is the one who plans projects, creates the blueprints and supervises other plumbers to complete the job.

The master plumber’s mastery

As a master plumber, the professional has highly desirable expertise. Master plumbers are often called upon to work with engineers to plan and implement projects. They design the system and supervise the team that installs it. Once the project is complete, they inspect the work to ensure its proper function and adherence to all applicable plumbing codes.

A master plumber may specialize within the industry. Their specialty could be pipe laying, system design or maintenance. This high-level professional may also specialize by choosing to focus on plumbing for residential, industrial or municipal projects. With versatile skills, they are in strong demand for both the installation of new systems and maintenance of existing ones.

Hire the masters

Do you have a plumbing project that needs planning, installation, implementation or inspection? Are you experiencing complex plumbing issues? Are you experiencing all of the above? You need a master plumber. Fortunately, Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. can supply this highly skilled professional to get your job done right. Call today to speak with a master plumber about all your plumbing needs. You can rest assured your project is in the experienced, highly skilled hands of a master plumber in Grand Rapids, MN.

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