Don’t Fall for “Spectacular Deals” That are too Good to be True!

Every once in a while, you see something advertised that’s just such an amazing deal you can’t help but take advantage of it. But, before you know it, that advertised special starts to become a lot less amazing than it appeared to be. Sure, there’s a low upfront cost, but there’s also hidden fees, service charges and a myriad of other nickel and dime charges that eventually have you spending just as much as you would’ve otherwise, deal or no deal!

This happens all too often when it comes to advertisements from plumbing contractors in Grand Rapids, MN. You can open up the classifieds to pop around online for a plumber and there won’t be any shortage of attention-grabbing deals that make you start thinking about giving a plumber a call!

As local plumbers since 1982, Rapids Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has seen enough “spectacular deals” in the newspaper or online to know that homeowners are being preyed upon. We can assure you that just about every advertisement that sounds too good to be true is. In fact, you’re likely to get taken for much more than you otherwise would with a regular service call! Unfortunately, it’s a tactic that many less-than-reputable plumbers use to try and lure in new customers.

At Rapids Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we let the quality of our workmanship and the value that comes with excellence speak for themselves. You won’t see us trying to rope you into a “special value” or “limited time discount” in order to sell you services you might not need. Instead, we’ll give you an honest assessment, fair prices and peace of mind each and every time you call us for service. We don’t have to resort to shady tactics and price-gouging to get our customers to come back: after just one service call, we’re confident you won’t ever need another plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN.

Don’t believe us that these “spectacular deals” are traps to get you to pay more? The next time you stumble across one in the paper and are tempted to give that company a call, make sure you’re keeping these things in mind:

  • Ask them for an itemized breakdown of everything the deal includes, with price estimates. You’ll see what you’re really getting for your money!
  • Ask if the services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or a warranty on work done. If so, how long and what does the warranty cover?
  • Check to see how long the company has been around. New businesses and scams love to use these types of advertisements in cons.
  • Compare the “special” cost to the cost of regular service. If you’re getting more than a 50% discount, start to ask why that business is giving away their services for half the price!

The more you read into too-good-to-be-true specials, the more red flags you’re bound to uncover. Instead, take the time to call quality plumbing contractors in Grand Rapids, MN and get honest service for a fair price at any time of the year, not just when there’s a special going!

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