Have a Plumber in Grand Rapids, MN Inspect your Outdoor Hookups

With beautiful weather finally a staple in the forecast, homeowners are using every excuse to get outside. For some, it’s the start of gardening season, with all sorts of fruits, veggies and flowers soon to be sprouting. For others, it’s about giving your hot rod a little TLC before you take it out for a spin. And, for still more, it’s about lounging poolside as you get your tan on!

Before you eagerly get into your many outdoor chores and hobbies, however, make sure you’re giving a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN a call to check your outdoor hookups. As you can see from the few activities listed above, a great deal of outdoor chores and hobbies revolve around water, which means ensuring your hookups are in full working order!

Hoses and spigots

First and foremost, your hose and spigot lines need to be checked. This past winter, they should’ve been covered and sealed—this is something that you normally do in the fall, in anticipation of uncovering them after the winter season has blown through. If you remembered to cover them, uncover them and have a plumber inspect them for damage before you use them.

If you didn’t remember to cover your outdoor hookups, definitely call a plumber right away. Expanding ice could’ve ruptured the line or broken a seal within these hookups, which can lead to leakage or poor water pressure when you hook up a hose or try to use them at the source. Leaks will absolutely cost you money, while lesser problems will definitely hinder your water-related activities.

Pools and spas

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your background or have hookups for a hot tub or spa, it’s also very important to get these hookups checked as well. There’s no doubt that you’ll be spending a great deal of time in the pool and maybe some evenings soaking in your spa—ensuring these hookups are fully functional and without issue are key in protecting these investments from inefficiency or damages.

Testing and usage

As a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN inspects your various outdoor hookups, they’re also going to test them and make sure they’re ready for regular use. During this phase of the inspection, make sure you’re asking about potential problems that may arise during the summer and what you can and should do if you recognize them taking shape.

Outdoor hookups are much more prone to issues because they’re exposed to the elements at all times. From weather that causes damage to your pool, to pests and bugs that might cause issues with your spigots and hookups, staying on top of these issues means keeping your outdoor plumbing in prime working order.

Get an inspection today, before you start relying on your water in a large capacity! When you’re able to water your plants or wash your car without having to worry about issues with your hose or spigot, you’ll be able to better enjoy these activities under the hot summer sun.

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