Six Ways to Stay Cool While Waiting for HVAC Repair in Grand Rapids, MN

While it’s sometimes hard to beat the summer heat, you do have the option of retreating indoors to cool off. But what are you to do when it’s just as hot inside your home? Yes, a broken air conditioner can make for miserable summer days and even drive you a little crazy, but obsessing over the heat won’t help. Keep your mind off of how hot it is with these six ways to stay cool while you wait for professional HVAC repair in Grand Rapids, MN:

  • Use fans: Ceiling and portable fans are great devices to partner with your running air conditioner. Fans circulate the cool A/C air around a room, which requires less A/C use and makes for comfortable indoor temperatures. They even provide a level of coolness when the cooler is not on. Therefore, fans can help you survive the heat for a time.
  • Close the curtains: Even though the sun may not be beaming through your home’s windows, ultraviolet light and sun glare sure are. If you don’t have solar treated window glass, then draw those curtains and shades closed to block out the unbearable heat.
  • Stay hydrated: You sweat and emanate heat from your skin—this is your body attempting to stave off heat stroke. But your air conditioner going out in the middle of a hot summer puts you at higher risk for heat-related medical issues. So, whether by drinking cold water or eating a giant slice of watermelon, the key to regulating your body temperature is to stay hydrated. Don’t forget to check that pets are staying hydrated as well.
  • Refrain from cooking: Since cooking on large kitchen appliances will only add more hot air to your already scorching house, it’s a good idea to not use your stove or oven while waiting for HVAC repair in Grand Rapids, MN. Instead, take this as an opportunity to eat your way through any leftovers piling up in your refrigerator and see what new meals you can prepare with non-perishable foods and “no-cook” vegetables.
  • Head to the beach: Beat the stifling indoor heat by packing up your family and pets and heading to the nearest beach or lake—anywhere you can take a dip in cold water. Just make sure you keep an open line of communication with the HVAC repair company so you don’t miss their visit. This means you or another adult in the household may need to leave the comforts of the beach—time for rock-paper-scissors!
  • Enjoy cool nights: Often following hot summer days are cool summer nights. If the repair folks are not scheduled to arrive until sometime during the week, plan outdoor activities in the evenings, like dinner, games or drinks. Leave doors and windows open to let the breeze blow through to cool down your home while pushing out hot air.

Don’t leave your cooling system repair and maintenance needs to just anyone. For reliable HVAC repair in Grand Rapids, MN, give us a call today at Rapids Plumbing and Heating Inc. to schedule a service appointment.

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