Call a Plumber in Grand Rapids, MN When You Notice These Six Signs

With winter weather on the way, your pipes become vulnerable to the cold. Add in the extra pressure of holiday gatherings and this can become a challenging time of year for your plumbing. That is why, if you see any of these six signs in your home, you need to call a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN immediately. This is the time of year when it is always better to be safe than sorry!

  • Smelly drains: If you notice odors when you are around your sinks, tubs and other water fixtures, do not dismiss it as a figment of your imagination. You may be picking up a sewage odor, which can suggest backup and other disgusting developments. If you find that you constantly flush drains with bleach to get rid of odors before people come over, call us so you can avoid a major problem.
  • Slow drains: Sometimes, no amount of drain cleaner or pipe snake use will unclog a drain. This is often due to damage in the pipes themselves, or sewage backup that creates resistant clogs. Not addressing this issue can lead to corrosion, which makes for a bad development if your pipes freeze, since they will burst more easily. Quit fighting the slow drainage and make an appointment with us.
  • Water puddles: If you find puddles in your basement or under the sink, you likely experience leaks. They can arise from damaged fixtures, bad connections and corroded pipes. All of these issues need the attention of an experienced plumber or, once again, you risk having pipes fail when the cold temperatures arrive.
  • Rattling noises: The noises you hear are not for Halloween special effects, especially if you hear them while running water or simply walking past your fixtures. A rushing water sound near toilets is especially concerning. These suggest issues deep within your system that could cause problems later. Just like with odors, never ignore new sounds. Call a plumber to determine the cause and make the necessary repairs.
  • Frequent backups: Water backing up is a health and safety hazard, since it brings sewage particles into your home. If you see this occur in toilets, sinks and tubs, you may have a problem with the sewer line or clogged pipes. This is definitely not a problem to ignore, since it will only become more serious in time and could cause illness in your household.
  • Noticeable pipe damage: If you noticed rusted pipes in your basement, get them replaced before the temperatures drop. Basements are vulnerable places for pipe failure. Ignoring a rusted pipe increases that risk. The same is true for any pipes that are exposed outside, including ones that run to outdoor spigots. Cover these during winter to keep pipes insulated, but also replace any parts that are rusted or damaged. You do not want to overlook these issues and face a much bigger one later on the coldest night of the year.

When you need a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN to address your alarming pipe issues, call Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. for reliable and skilled service.

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