Call an HVAC Contractor in Grand Rapids, MN for Your Pre-Winter Furnace Checkup

The time of year when you most need your furnace is quickly approaching. That is why you need to consider calling your local HVAC contractor in Grand Rapids, MN to inspect your furnace, clean essential components and replace any worn out parts. These steps are part of the usual pre-winter furnace checkup, and you can do some of them yourself. However, not everyone is up for that, which is why we are here. Here are the steps to take with a furnace before the cold temperatures begin:

  • Change filters: Furnace filters keep debris out of your furnace and also ensure indoor air quality. After sitting dormant all summer, the air will likely smell musty. You can eliminate that possibility with new filters and enjoy better furnace efficiency. If you cannot find where the filters are located, an HVAC technician can complete this during a maintenance appointment.
  • Check the burners: Like your filters, your burners likely accumulated debris during summer. You will want to give them a thorough cleaning to maintain air quality but also to ensure safety. While completing this chore, check for rust and misalignment, too. They may require further attention.
  • Oil the blower: The blower also requires oiling every winter to keep it performing reliably. The blower is the most important part of your furnace, so do not let it be neglected. If it makes any weird noises when you start the furnace, you want to call an HVAC technician as soon as possible.
  • Test your thermostat: If you have air conditioning and the thermostat behaved well all summer, it should do the same in winter. However, heating and cooling are not identical systems, so you will want to test it anyway before it really starts getting cold outside. Make sure it responds to adjustments quickly. This could also be a time to consider replacing a manual thermostat with a programmable one so you can save money on heating this winter.
  • Uncover heating vents: This is a step that is commonly overlooked. If you cover vents in order to control efficiency, remove the covers now. Also check to see if your furniture blocks vents, or if there are any summer toys in their way. Blocked vents can cause furnaces to overheat and make HVAC systems work harder, which raises your heating costs. Before you start cranking up the heat, make sure it will get to your living areas first by keeping vents accessible.

Many of these tasks are covered in a pre-winter furnace maintenance appointment. If you lack the knowledge to find the needed parts for cleaning or require additional assistance, that is when you need the help of an experience HVAC technician who can ensure the smooth functioning of your heating system.

Get your furnace ready for the winter by calling your local HVAC contractor in Grand Rapids, MN. Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. is available to check your furnace and make the needed repairs. Schedule an appointment today!

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