Five Signs It’s Time to Call an Emergency Plumber in Grand Rapids, MN

Plumbing problems tend to be plentiful during the cold winter months. The low temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and possibly burst, which can result in extensive flooding and costly water damage to your business or home. It’s important that you recognize the signs of major plumbing issues so you can put a stop to the problem before it becomes even worse. Knowing when to call an emergency plumber in Grand Rapids, MN can mean the difference between a small leak and hundreds of dollars’ worth of water damage to your home.

Here are five signs that you need to call your local plumber in Grand Rapids, MN immediately:

  • Smell of sewage: Smelling sewage within your home should always be a sign that something is amiss. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. This foul smell is commonly caused by a crack in the primary sewage lines.
  • High water bill: It’s easy to spot a potential problem when you’re taking a major hit to your bank account every month. An increase in your water bill can mean that you have a leak somewhere within your home. Pay close attention to your bill from month to month to easily identify any issues.
  • Blockage: A minor blockage can quickly turn into a significant amount of flooding within your home. Typically, a blockage is caused by a buildup of items in the pipes, including food debris, hygiene products or other items that aren’t suited to be disposed of down the drains. Unfortunately, many of these items can’t be cleared with over the counter cleaning products. Over time, a backed up sink can result in a burst pipe. Contact a plumber as soon as possible if you’re noticing the sink is slow in draining or will not empty at all.
  • Mushy spots in the yard: Have you noticed any damp, mushy spots in your yard lately, even though it hasn’t rained in days? Don’t write it off as nothing to worry about, as it could be a warning sign of a potential plumbing problem. Moist and mushy dirt can mean a broken water line, which can be incredibly dangerous and may even cause extensive damage the foundation of your home.
  • Flooding: While it may seem obvious, contact a plumber immediately if your home is flooding because you are unable to turn off a sink, bathtub, shower or toilet. It’s important that water gets shut off as soon as possible to avoid hundreds or even thousands of dollars of potential water damage.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, call a plumber at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. today. Our plumbing specialists are experienced in everything from checking for leaks and pipe repair to repairing toilets, sinks and more. Don’t hesitate to call day or night, as our team is available 24/7 to assist you with all of your plumbing needs. When you require an emergency plumber in Grand Rapids, MN, we hope our team will be the first you call!

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