Five Ways to Stay Warm Throughout the Cold Winter Months

You’ve probably already noticed a bitter winter chill in the air, which means your home heating system is hard at work keeping you and your family warm. But running your heater all day long uses a lot of energy, and thus you are likely to see a major increase in your monthly bills. Luckily, having more than one method of staying warm at home is good for you, your wallet and the environment—especially since cold winter temperatures are only going to continue to drop and get even harder to deal with both inside and outside.

Before it gets any colder outside, talk to an area HVAC contractor about securing any needed heating repair in Grand Rapids, MN. In addition, here are five ways to stay warm throughout the cold weather months:

  • Adjust air vents: Your home’s air vents are installed in every room of the house and can be located on the ceilings, floors or walls. Did you know you can adjust these vents? Unless they’re automated, there’s a small knob on one side that lets you change the airflow direction coming out of each vent. You may also find it beneficial to remove the entire vent cover for a 180- or 360-degree directional rotation. You can also close off certain vents in rooms that don’t need the heat. That way, the warm air is trafficked elsewhere.
  • Eliminate drafts: One of the simplest things to do to keep the warm air inside this winter is to eliminate drafts around your house. It’s not unusual to feel drafts coming in through busted window or door weather stripping. Replacing old or worn weather stripping with new materials helps the heater to be more efficient by stopping warm indoor air from escaping, so you can stay warm and comfortable with the heater on.
  • Get winter bed sheets: Got flannel? If not, it’s recommended that you swap out your lighter bed sheets for softer, more heat-retaining sheets to use during the cold winter months. And get your giant comforter out of storage, too!
  • Use space heaters: If you’re using just one room, consider investing in a room space heater. Not only does doing this save on energy costs and electricity over the winter season, it also keeps you warmer for longer. Although most space heaters work best in enclosed areas, like a room with a door, don’t let that stop you from using them in open spaces, including the living room and dining room. Just get the appropriate size space heater for the square footage of the room you will use it in most.
  • Take a warm bath: Taking a hot or warm bath not only helps you to get a better night’s sleep—it’s also a good way to warm up on a cold winter day or evening. You stay warmer for longer after being in warm water when you soak in a bathtub versus standing in a shower.

Whether your residential heater is on the fritz, you need heating repair in Grand Rapids, MN or it’s time for a routine HVAC inspection, you can count on the professional team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. to provide the best services in town year-round. Contact us today!

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