Five Signs That You Need Boiler Repair in Grand Rapids, MN

Boilers are like any home appliance—they can quit working at any time. It’s a major inconvenience when they go out, too. Waiting around for a few hours for a repairman to come repair a totally broken boiler can seem like an eternity if you don’t have any hot water. Thankfully, there are signs that your boiler may be about to go kaput. Pay attention to the following signs. They most likely mean it’s time to call in the pros for boiler repair in Grand Rapids, MN:

  • No hot water: Few things in life are better than jumping into a steaming hot shower, especially on a cold winter’s morning. Conversely, few things are worse than getting excited for a hot shower, only to realize that your hot water is out! The number one sign that you need to call us for boiler repair in Grand Rapids, MN is if your hot water is totally out. We’ll be out as quickly as possible so you don’t have to suffer through too many cold showers.
  • Your water isn’t as hot: Another sign that your boiler is on its way out is if your water isn’t as hot as it should be. Call us if you find yourself turning the hot water knob further than usual to get to a comfortable water temperature. Your hot water could be totally out faster than you know it!
  • Strange noises: For the most part, boilers should operate fairly quietly at all times. Odd sounds coming from the boiler could be a sign that it’s about to fail. A common sound you may hear coming from a failing boiler is a hissing sound. That noise could indicate that it’s overheating due to iron deposits and/or sludge buildup. We’ll be able to diagnose the source of the hissing sound and, more importantly, correct the issue.
  • Higher energy bills: Having to pay more each month for your energy bill is never fun. It’s especially bad if you’re paying more for no good reason. A failing boiler is bound to be less energy efficient. If your bills seem to be going up each month, give us a call. Our certified technicians will be able to correct the problem and subsequently lower your energy bill.
  • Your boiler is old: Boilers aren’t meant to last forever. Over time, they become less efficient and more likely to break down. If your boiler is over the age of 15, give us a call! We can set you up with a brand new, energy efficient boiler that’s the perfect size for your home. Although it may be expensive at first, an energy efficient boiler will pay for itself over the long haul with your monthly energy bill savings.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, or think it may be a good time to have one of our specialists visit your home for a routine maintenance visit or boiler repair in Grand Rapids, MN, give Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. a call. From HVAC to plumbing, we offer free estimates on all of our services.

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