Eight Tips for Doing Plumbing Repairs the Right Way

We’ve all been there—something in your home starts leaking, dripping or won’t drain properly, and you know that you’re in need of plumbing repairs. Not all plumbing problems require a plumber, though. Many issues can be fixed at home with a few tools and a little bit of knowhow.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way when it comes to doing plumbing repairs. If done incorrectly, plumbing repairs can turn into extremely costly mistakes that require the help of a professional plumber in Grand Rapids, MN to fix. To save yourself from an expensive plumbing mishap, follow these eight tips for doing plumbing repairs the right way:

  • Turn off the water: This first tip may seem obvious, but not all homeowners remember to shut off their water supply or even know where the shutoff valves are located! Most homes have a fixture shutoff valve for each plumbing fixture and a main shutoff valve that stops the water supply for the entire building. Before you start unscrewing pipes, make sure you turn off the water, or you’ll be in for a big mess and a lot of water damage.
  • Know your tools and their uses: Picking up a wrench and messing with your plumbing fixtures can cause damage if you don’t know which tools are good for what job. Read manuals, check online and truly understand what tools you’ll need to fix a problem before you start.
  • Understand your plumbing system: It’s also crucial that you understand how the plumbing system works in your home before you start tinkering with it. Know which pipes lead to where and which pipes you should stay away from, like your drain-waste-vent pipes.
  • Make a plan: Good plumbing repairs come from making a plan and executing it, not jumping right in and tinkering until things start to work. If you know what the problem is but aren’t sure how to fix it, look it up online to get a better idea of the steps you’ll need to take.
  • Don’t put off the small things: You might be tempted to put off small plumbing issues, such as a small faucet drip or a minor leak, but you should really fix these as soon as possible. Small problems can lead to large ones quickly, so nip them in the bud early on.
  • Prevention is your best friend: Make regular cleaning and maintenance a part of your plumbing repair routine to prevent new problems from happening. If you’re already fixing something, check other plumbing fixtures to make sure nothing else is amiss.
  • Upgrade your pipes: In older homes especially, you should consider upgrading your water pipes. Deterioration happens, and once-small problems with an old pipe can result in a costly emergency if left alone for too long. Fixtures may give you problems most often, but be sure to pay attention to your pipes, too.
  • Know your limits: If you find yourself struggling with a plumbing repair, know when it’s time to stop and call a professional plumber in Grand Rapids, MN. Don’t try to fix something you aren’t comfortable with; you might cause even more damage when it could have been a quick and easy fix for a professional.

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