How a Simple Thermostat Update Can Transform Your Power Bill

No homeowner looks forward to getting their utility bill during the winter months. The cost of keeping your home warm and comfortable can be astronomical—especially if you live in an older home or one that’s in dire need of efficiency updates. Often, people are left with a choice: pay the full cost of heating their home or layer up their clothes and blankets to hunker down for the season.

But what if there was a third option, one simple, minor HVAC repair in Grand Rapids, MN that you could make to reverse the inflated cost of your energy bill, to make it more manageable without having to sacrifice comfort?

There is, in fact, such an adjustment that can be made. It has to do with upgrading your thermostat to a smarter, more efficient model.

What Can a Thermostat Do?

You might be asking exactly what a thermostat can do to save you money on your energy bill. The fact is, it can do a lot more than you think! Take a look at some of the cost-saving features of modern thermostats:

  • Better temperature measurement, for a more consistent reading in your home
  • Smarter heating capabilities, such as by zone or according to time of day
  • Energy-saving options, like lowering the temperature when you’re not home
  • Monitoring and alerting you to inefficiencies in your heating or cooling

Remember, the thermostat governs all of the major HVAC installations in your home. Making a smart upgrade here, at the central control core of your HVAC system, means heating and cooling with smart efficiency.

What Options Do You Have?

There’s an entire new wave of smart thermostats on the market today, all reasonably affordable and well worth the upgrade if your current model is costing you more money than you’d like. Brands like Ecobee, Nest and Honeywell all produce models that are relatively compatible with any make or model of furnace.

Need help understanding which options are right for your home or which come with the features that will save you the most money? Consult with an HVAC contractor today to get the lay of the land in terms of your HVAC system’s inefficiencies and how they might be remedied.

Heat Smarter This Winter

Instead of putting on three shirts and spending your time at home wrapped in blankets this winter, ask yourself if your thermostat is doing its best work. If your utility bill is rising to astronomical levels, chances are, it’s not. This is a good place to start thinking about an upgrade. In fact, it could save you from costly HVAC repairs in Grand Rapids, MN that are unnecessary and avoidable!

Consult with the team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. about how a smarter thermostat might be of service to your home and learn more about the options available to you. We’ll help you discover solutions you didn’t even know were possible, so you can heat your home to a comfortable level without bankrupting yourself along the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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