How Do You Avoid Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower?

Loss of pressure in your shower can be extremely frustrating. We’re all trying to fit so many things into our daily lives, and our time in the shower is some of the only time we get to be alone, to truly relax and just consider the day, or think of nothing at all. A nice hot, powerful stream is always preferable to a weak dribble. So if you’re having pressure-loss issues that are ruining the sanctuary of your shower, here are some tips that should help get things back to normal in no time.

Diverter valve

The diverter valve is the mechanism that allows you to switch between the bath and shower functions of your bath. If the diverter valve has issues, water pressure is split, meaning far less water at a far lower pressure makes it to the showerhead. If you have no pressure issues with the water at the faucet, but have issues when you divert it to the shower, it’s probably the diverter valve.

Calling a plumber can help diagnose the issue. If it is the diverter valve, it needs to be replaced, which is generally done by professional plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN.

Pressure balancing valve

With showers that have just one single handle for controlling both hot and cold water and the volume of water flow, there are certain limitations that are just built in to the shower’s setup. For example, if someone turns on the sink in the bathroom or flushes the toilet, the water pressure is going to briefly drop, and in the case of flushing the toilet, the shower is briefly going to get much hotter as cold water is diverted away from the shower to refill the toilet’s tank.

Clogged or broken pipe

No one needs to tell you that a leaking or broken pipe can be a disaster, causing expensive damage below your floors. If you notice water stains or hear water running or dripping beneath the floors, call a plumber immediately. If it’s a clogged pipe, this is a much less dangerous (but still technical) problem to fix. If the clog cannot simply be cleaned, the clogged section of pipe might need to be cut, replaced and re-soldered, a process that would certainly require a professional. It could be a pipe issue, especially if it doesn’t seem like it’s any of the other issues on this list.

Water pressure reduction valve

If this problem does not just affect your shower, but extends to every fixture in your home, the problem is almost certainly with your water pressure reduction valve. It could be a malfunction that requires replacement, but more likely it just needs adjustment. This is something that requires some expertise, and is probably best left to professional plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN.

Over our 35 years in business, Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. has built a reputation for being fast and reliable and putting our customers first. If you’re having a water pressure issue in your shower, or need assistance with any other plumbing issue—big or small, commercial or residential—please give us a call today, and we’ll have your problem fixed in no time.

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