Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber in Grand Rapids, MN

Whether you need emergency plumbing services, preventative maintenance or are doing a major remodel that requires extensive plumbing work, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it can be difficult to know exactly what to ask a plumber before you make the final decision to hire them. That’s why we put together this guide with the most important questions to consider when hiring a plumber in Grand Rapids, MN. It’s designed to help you find a conscientious plumber that can do the job right, on budget and on time.

Is the plumber fully licensed, insured and bonded?

By law, your plumber must be licensed in your state to perform any work. It’s also common sense and good practice to work with a plumber that carries enough insurance to fully protect themselves from any jobsite liability issues. It’s also good practice to work with a plumber that carries workers compensation coverage on all their workers. The more things they’ve got covered on their end, the less likely you are to face any surprises. This is doubly true when it comes to finding a plumber that is adequately bonded. The bond acts as a guarantee that, should anything go wrong, you’ll have the funds to fix or totally rework the project.

You can easily find all of this information online at your state’s contractors’ license board website.

How are their prices determined? Do they guarantee their estimates?

When going about solidifying your estimate, make sure to understand how their prices are determined. Do they use a model to predict price per job? Is it simply based on material and work hours? Not only will this make you better informed about the price, but it’ll likely give you a better idea of what they think the scope of your project is.

You should also know upfront whether they guarantee their estimates, or whether prices fluctuate according to the actual demands of the project.

Do they guarantee their work?

A reputable plumber probably offers some form of guarantee on their work, and as we’ve mentioned before, a bond acts as a type of guarantee, too. But your plumber’s guarantee may have stipulations, so you should be sure to ask about them. For example, much like a mechanic, if your plumber identifies an issue that they think is going to be a problem down the line, and you decide to leave the issue unaddressed, when that issue ends up causing problems later on—even if it causes problems for the work your plumber has done and guarantees—you’re probably not entitled to a fix. No plumber (or at least very few) would want to pay out for a problem they were able to see coming a mile away.

What’s the time frame?

It’s important to find a plumbing company that will work with you to accomplish your job within your desired time parameters. People have busy lives, often planning things out months in advance. It’s nice to find a plumber who understands that, and would rather make things work in their schedule than inconvenience you.

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