Pre-Season AC Checkups: What’s Involved and Why It’s Important

The fact that it’s almost summer is typically good news—that is, of course, assuming that you have air conditioning in your home. Summers without AC can be miserable! Having an air conditioner shouldn’t be taken for granted. ACs need yearly maintenance to ensure they work and keep you cool throughout the summer. Here’s everything you need to know about having an AC checkup this year.

What does a tune-up entail?

Having your AC inspected and tuned up is usually a fairly quick process—it only takes our professionals a little bit of time to have your unit up and running. Here is what we’ll do for your air conditioner:

  • Cleaning: Air conditioners can get quite dirty during the course of the year. Twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris get stuck both outside and inside of your unit. That’s not good! That debris can damage your unit and lead to a need for HVAC repair in Grand Rapids, MN. Thankfully, we’re here to save the day. We’ll clean out all of that junk to ensure that your unit runs as efficiently as possible throughout the summer.
  • Inspection: Our professionals pore over every aspect of your unit. We check each and every part to make sure it’s running as it should. You can trust that we’ll identify and repair even the smallest issues with your system. You’re in good hands when you work with our professionals.
  • Tightening: We’ll be sure to tighten anything that looks a little loose or out of place—you don’t want any wobbly parts in your AC. Tight screws and bolts ensure that your unit will be efficient and not breakdown this year.
  • Evaluation: Before we head out, we’ll run a test to evaluate how well your system is running. If anything seems amiss, rest assured we’ll repair or replace the bad parts to make sure everything’s ready to go.

Why is it important?

All of the steps above might seem kind of silly to those who don’t know anything about HVAC systems. Trust us when we say seasonal checkups are crucial to your system’s overall health. Here’s why:

  • Prolong unit lifespan: A yearly maintenance call ensures that your unit will last for years and years. You’ll be amazed at how much longer you can go without replacing your air conditioner by simply calling us each spring for a checkup.
  • Prevent breakdowns: Our professionals can prevent your system from breaking down by performing a thorough inspection. We can easily identify and replace parts that seem to be off in one way or another. A simple checkup today can save you tons of money down the road on repairs!
  • Retain warranty: Most ACs come with warranties. Unfortunately, those warranties can become void if you neglect your unit. Be sure to retain your warranty by scheduling a checkup today.

Checkups do wonders to protect your AC, but problems can still arise. If this happens to you this summer, be sure to call Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. as soon as possible for HVAC repair in Grand Rapids, MN. We’ll be on the scene right away to get your unit back up and running!

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