How Can I Tell the Difference Between Gas and Electric Water Heaters?

When you examine a kitchen stove, it’s fairly easy to detect whether the appliance is a gas or electric model. The same goes for automobiles. If the car is plugged into the garage wall, it’s electric. But what about water heaters? How can you tell if you have an electric or gas water heater? Use the following guide from your specialists in water heater repair in Grand Rapids, MN.

Take these five steps to determine which type of water heater you own. Of course, you can also call your local provider of water heater repair in Grand Rapids, MN to complete these steps for you and answer any additional questions you have:

  • Look for the light: Locate the pilot light on your unit. To do this, you will need to remove the access panel located on the side of the water heater. Look for a blue flame, which is the pilot light. If your unit features this flame, you have a gas water heater.
  • Look for the cord: Does your water heater have an electrical supply cord? These are typically gray or black and resemble a thick extension cord. If one of these cords goes into the side or top of your water heater, you have an electric appliance.
  • Look for the pipe: Gas water heaters feature a gas pipe that enters through the bottom of the tank. It is typically about ½-inch thick. Look for this black pipe to determine if your water heater is a gas model. If you don’t see a thick black pipe, look for a ¼-inch copper pipe. This also indicates you have a gas water heater.
  • Look for the vent: Electric water heaters don’t have an exhaust system. In gas water heaters, the fan and motor force exhaust into a vent that goes outside. Examine the top of your water heater. If you see a three- or four-inch PVC pipe extending from the unit, this is a vent pipe. If this is present, it means you have a gas water heater.
  • Look for the manual: Not all homeowners have the original manuals for their water heater or other household appliances. If yours is available, you can read this booklet to determine what type of water heater you have. This manual can also provide maintenance tips and troubleshooting guides. Often, manufacturers provide this information online as well, so you can look up your unit model and find a digital version of the manual if your paper one is long gone.

Do you have additional questions about your water heater, or other plumbing issues? Don’t hesitate to contact your local experts in water heater repair in Grand Rapids, MN. The experienced team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. offers in-depth knowledge to answer all your questions. We’ve been delivering top-quality services to commercial and residential customers throughout the area since 1982. Reach us today for a professional consultation or to make arrangements for your water heater repair. You can contact our master technicians 24 hours a day. Free estimates are available!

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