Six Preventative Maintenance Tips from Your Plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN

You probably take your car in for regular oil changes. You visit the dentist twice a year for cleanings. You change your furnace filter monthly. All of these ongoing maintenance tasks keep your systems running optimally. But are you doing the same for your plumbing? Use the following preventative maintenance tips from your plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN to ensure proper functioning of your plumbing and avoid future repairs:

  • Don’t ignore drips: A small drip from your showerhead or faucet can be easy to ignore. Homeowners often assume this is no big deal and don’t make the effort to fix the problem. This is a mistake. The drip will only worsen over time. Meanwhile, water is wasted and utility bills continue to increase. Rather than ignore the drip, contact your plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN to repair the issue. Additionally, to prevent future leaks, check faucets and shower heads regularly. Don’t forget to check the handles for tightness as well.
  • Keep things flowing: Have you noticed that your drain has gotten slower? Don’t wait for a slow drain to become a “no drain.” Use a solution of hot water and vinegar to flush the drain and unclog the pipe. Take this maintenance step once each season to keep drains clear.
  • Fix the flush: As with drippy faucets and showerheads, leaky toilets are too often left unchecked. If your toilet is running when it is not flushed or long after it has been flushed, you may have a faulty seal or other internal issue. The repair for this problem is typically easy and cheap. Keeping up with this maintenance can prevent the leak from worsening or causing additional problems down the road.
  • Drain the tank: Over time, your water heater can become less effective due to sediment buildup in the tank. Twice each year, drain the entire water heater and remove this sediment. This will help keep your appliance functioning optimally.
  • Inspect the system: If your property is equipped with a sewer system, it’s a good idea to inspect the lines each year. Look for tree roots that may work their way toward your lines and cause damage. As part of the inspection, have your plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN snake the sewer lines to prevent clogs. If you have a septic tank, this should be inspected and pumped regularly to achieve proper preventative maintenance.
  • Take care with trash: Not everything should be flushed or poured down your drains. Good preventative maintenance includes protecting your system by taking care with what you put into it. Don’t flush anything other than waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Avoid putting anything reactive down your sink drain. Consult with your plumbers in Grand Rapids, MN if you have any questions about what is safe to pour down the drain.

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