Why Does Water Back Up Into the Sink When Running the Dishwasher?

Even though you rely on your plumbing system on a daily basis, you might not fully understand how this system works or how the various components interact with each other. One of the most confusing and frustrating issues that homeowners experience with their plumbing system is water backing up in their sink. This problem is relatively common, but it can be a difficult issue for homeowners to deal with. Thankfully, you can bypass much of the frustration and find a solution if you know a little bit more about what causes this problem and work with a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN to solve it.

Why water backs up when the dishwasher runs

To understand why your dishwasher can cause water to back up into your sink, you have to understand the basics of your kitchen water drainage. While your sink and your dishwasher operate seemingly independently of each other, they actually share a drainage line. Because of that, obstructions and issues with either your sink or dishwasher can affect the operation of both fixtures.

The most common explanation for water backing up in your sink when you run your dishwasher is a clog or blockage in your main drainage line. The most typical places for these clogs to develop are your dishwasher, your garbage disposal, your sink and your air gap. Regardless of where the clog is located, it may prevent your dishwasher from draining properly while it’s running, which leads to water backing up into your sink.

What you can do about it

Since water backup during dishwasher operation is almost always related to a clog or obstruction in your kitchen drainage line, fixing the problem is usually as simple as clearing the clog. You can try to do this on your own using a few approaches. Use a drain snake to try and free a clog or try running your garbage disposal before your run your dishwasher to see if that prevents the backup. To clear out a blockage in your garbage disposal more effectively, try filling your sink up with water and plugging it, and then removing the plug and running the disposal. The extra pressure from the weight of all that water might be enough to clear a disposal clog.

If these techniques don’t help, you might need to get help from a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN. A professional will be better able to assess the cause of water backup and determine a solution. They also have the equipment necessary to access clogs that are hiding deeper in your water lines.

Call a plumbing contractor in Grand Rapids, MN

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