Six Reasons to Have Your Heating System Checked Before Winter

Residential and commercial heating systems work hard in the wintertime to maintain warm indoor temperatures. Unfortunately, a sluggish, dirty or failing heating system cannot do its job efficiently any time of the year. If you ask HVAC contractors in Grand Rapids, MN for their thoughts on pre-season heating system checks, they’ll collectively agree that it’s a crucial maintenance step. Get it done whether you have a boiler or a furnace, and do it whether your system is old or new.

Below are six reasons why it’s important to have your heating system checked before winter arrives:

  • Reliability: In order for your heater to be reliable, you must commit to annual furnace maintenance. Call a company you trust and have a qualified heating technician come and inspect your system inside and out. A professional can verify that everything is operating as it should and catch small issues that could turn into expensive repairs. The worst-case scenario is situation where you have no heat in the middle of a cold winter.
  • Energy efficiency: You can schedule an inspection during the winter months, but your best bet is to shoot for a pre-season check. When a technician inspects your heater before you need to use it every day, it gives them time to verify refrigerant pressures, combustion efficiency, gas pressure and voltage to ensure every piece of equipment is at peak performance. For example, a gas furnace with low gas pressure will run longer than it should to heat your space and contribute to higher utility costs.
  • Indoor air quality: Dirty or clogged filters only increase energy usage. A heating technician will replace dirty air filters to get proper airflow moving through the system and throughout your home. Good airflow ensures a more evenly heated home.
  • Comfort level: If your home’s heating and cooling system is functioning properly, then you’ll have optimal indoor comfort levels. However, the combination of proper airflow, humidity and temperature levels will impact how comfortable your home actually feels. So, even though the thermostat setting is holding steady, excessive airflow or low humidity levels will make the indoor environment feel uncomfortable.
  • Extend the life of the system: While having your system checked before winter is a good way to be sure you’ll have heat when you need it, routine maintenance and annual inspections are important to extend the life of your heating equipment. A clean unit operating at peak efficiency helps the system last a lot longer.
  • Available appointments: The busiest time of year for heating contractors is the wintertime. This makes sense since most people use their heaters during cold weather, which is often when problems are discovered. To avoid being without heat during the colder winter months, schedule a pre-season check now. Scheduling an appointment early means companies’ calendars aren’t filled up and you’ll have more service dates to choose from.

Annual furnace and heating system checks and maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the road. Call the team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. to book an appointment with our professional HVAC contractors in Grand Rapids, MN!

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