Done with Expensive Water Heater Repairs in Grand Rapids, MN? Here’s How to Choose a New Appliance

As any homeowner will tell you, home repairs and home improvements are never ending, and a majority of issues must be dealt with relatively quickly to avoid bigger problems down the road. For example, a water heater malfunction can lead to water leaks or a dismal hot water supply. If you’re done handing over money for expensive water heater repairs in Grand Rapids, MN, read on. Below are the professionals’ top tips for choosing a new hot water heater.

The different types of water heaters

There’s more than one type of water heater available for purchase. Before selecting a new one for your home, take a moment for a quick review of the main types.

Conventional storage water heaters have a ready reservoir, also called a storage tank, that holds hot water, while a tankless or demand-type hot water heater heats water directly without using a storage tank. Then there are heat pump water heaters that move heat from one place when cued up, instead of creating heat directly to provide hot water. If you are into using solar energy, a solar water heater may be just your speed—it uses heat from the sun to provide hot water to your home. Another type is a tankless coil and indirect water heater, which uses your home’s space heating system to heat water.

Important considerations

You cannot choose a new water heater based solely on its appearance or size. Here’s a list of selection criteria to keep in mind:

  • Type of fuel, cost and availability: The water heater’s annual operational costs depend on the type of fuel or energy source you’re using to heat your water. The fuel type also affects its size, capacity and energy efficiency.
  • Tank size: Much like air conditioning and heating units, you must choose a water heater that’s the right size to provide enough hot water for your household. An adequate-sized water heater tank will also maximize hot water efficiency.
  • Costs: It’s a good idea to know the average annual cost of operating a potential new water heater before purchasing it. Compare the numbers to other models—some that are more energy efficient and some that are less.
  • Energy efficiency: Knowing how energy efficient a water heater is before you purchase it can help you maximize your energy and cost savings. Talk to your water heater technician about energy ratings prior to making a decision.

Use and maintenance tips

Once you choose your new hot water heater and have it installed, be sure to schedule regular maintenance and professional inspections, and keep track of all services. Your records should include cleanings and maintenance you do yourself, as well as professional services (cleaning, repairs, inspections, component replacements, tank flushing, notes of concerns and recommendations). Also, make it a goal to reduce your hot water use. Not only does using less hot water save you money, but it saves water and energy, too.

If you need to schedule a time for water heater repairs in Grand Rapids, MN, don’t hesitate to call the team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc.

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