Help Your Furnace Handle Extreme Cold Weather

Some smart furnace prep in Grand Rapids, MN now can help give you a cozier winter later. There is no doubt that winter tests all furnaces, and you need yours to function well. You can ensure this by practicing proper care for your furnace. Here are five suggestions on how to keep your furnace running strong this winter:

  • Change air filter: The air filter prevents dust, pet hair and other debris from affecting your furnace’s efficiency. Fortunately, most models make it easy to change the air filter and ensure your furnace continues to run well. If your home has pets, consider changing the filter every month. That will keep your furnace from wearing itself out or raising your utility bills.
  • Wear layers: If it is ridiculously cold outside, your furnace may struggle to keep up. It will be warm enough in your home to make a difference and prevent frostbite and frozen pipes, but you will not want to hang out in a t-shirt and shorts either. Bundle up, go to bed early or do anything else necessary to stay warm. While it may be tempting to turn your thermostat up to 80 degrees, that will put more strain on your furnace than it’s worth.
  • Keep your thermostat steady: It is common advice to lower your thermostat at night and when you are gone in order to save on utility expenses. However, this also adds wear and tear on your furnace as it fires up to keep up with extreme cold outside. Choose a comfortable indoor temperature and keep your thermostat set there. You are unlikely to notice any major differences in your bills, and your home will stay cozier. Also, your furnace will never have to work too hard to bring your home back to a livable temperature.
  • Clean vents: High-efficiency furnaces contain vents that lead outside your home and near ground level. This makes it easy for them to clog with ice and snow and make your furnace work harder than necessary. During extreme weather, remember to check the vents to ensure they remain clear. When you shovel snow in your driveway, consider spending time on clearing the area around your vents as well.
  • Hire a house sitter: If you plan long holiday travels, it is a good idea to avoid leaving your home unoccupied. Besides maintaining your thermostat levels, you also need someone to keep an eye on your pipes and ensure airflow keeps them from freezing. At the very least, arrange to have a neighbor check on your home during the coldest days. There are many things that can go wrong during extreme winter weather, and the last thing you need to come home to after a vacation is burst pipes or a frozen interior.

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