Should You Replace or Repair Your Garbage Disposal?

To repair or replace—that is the question. If you are a homeowner, you probably have asked yourself this question about 100 things in or around your home, and the answer is not always clear. If you have a garbage disposal that’s been giving you trouble, you may be wondering if it’s worth fixing or if you should just install a new one.

As your local source for all your plumbing needs, including garbage disposal maintenance in Grand Rapids, MN, we’re here with the answers you’re looking for. Here are a few ways to tell if it’s time to repair or replace your garbage disposal.

Strange sounds

If you have to ask yourself, “Should it sound like that?” chances are it probably shouldn’t. Strange sounds such as grinding or grating are an indicator that something is definitely wrong, but you may not need to call us for a repair quite yet. First, take a flashlight and check to make sure that nothing is stuck in your garbage disposal. A lot of things that should never be put in a garbage disposal, such as a bone or a piece of silverware, can find their way down there. Removing the blockage is often the simple solution to the strange sounds you are hearing.

If you don’t find any obstruction and your garbage disposal continues to make strange noises, however, it’s time to call in the professionals. We can address any maintenance needs and, if necessary, recommend considering a replacement.

Persistent odor

It’s a garbage disposal, so it’s going to smell sometimes. If bad smells are persistent, however, something gross may be clogging up your disposal. First, try thoroughly rinsing your garbage disposal to see if you can dislodge any old food that may be trapped inside. If this does not work, a professional can come in and disassemble the disposal to remove the source of the bad smell. However, if your garbage disposal is older (as in more than 15 years old), it may be time to opt for a replacement rather than continue to repair it.


We’ve been providing garbage disposal maintenance in Grand Rapids, MN, for over 35 years and experience has taught us that a leaky garbage disposal is a sign of the end. Once your garbage disposal develops a leak—and this usually occurs with older models—it’s usually more cost effective to simply replace the disposal rather than try to repair the leak. Even if the leak can be fixed, it’s likely only a matter of time before another leak occurs.

If you’re having ongoing issues with your garbage disposal, don’t wait for the problem to get worse—call in the experts from Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. We will identify the underlying issue and work with you to find the most cost-effective solution. Whether you need to repair or replace your garbage disposal, you can count on us to get the job done right. To learn more about our services or to schedule a repair, call us today!

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