Plumbing Care Tips for After the Holiday Season

The winter holiday season may have drawn to a close, but spring is just around the corner and it is never too early to begin preparing. Your plumbing system was likely forced to handle extra activity during the holidays, and you want to ensure it’s ready to serve you well into the springtime. Follow along with this plumbing care guide for some tips that will help you avoid post-holiday plumbing issues in Grand Rapids, MN:

  • Repair slow drains: If there are drains in your home that are already partially clogged with some type of obstruction or buildup that causes them to drain slowly, the problem will only get worse with increased usage. Slow drains can eventually become completely clogged, which will ultimately create a major inconvenience for everyone in the home. Use a plumber’s snake to clear the slow drains of clogs and debris.
  • Water heater maintenance: Another component of your plumbing system that was likely affected with more people in the house is the water heater. Check for any early signs of trouble with your water heater by closely inspecting the outside of the tank for wetness, puddles of water and signs of corrosion or rust.
  • Minimize the strain on your system: To avoid placing too much of a burden on your plumbing, it can be helpful to schedule out the activities of the appliances that utilize the most water. For example, if you have just run the dishwasher after a big meal, wait until after the cycle has completed before using the washing machine. It can also be helpful to plan out the best times during the day for everyone to shower or take a bath so the hot water heater isn’t completely drained.
  • Check on your garbage disposal: Your garbage disposal likely processed a larger amount of food waste than usual over the holidays, so you will want to ensure it’s still working as smoothly as possible. Make sure the garbage disposal is completely clear and free of food matter by pouring vinegar and boiling water into the unit. Before you go to bed, pour baking soda into the disposal and allow it to soak overnight. When you wake up, pour vinegar on top of the baking soda and run tap water on top of the mixture to finish cleaning. To sharpen the blades, pour ice and cold water into the appliance and let the garbage disposal run.

Although it may not be something you think about all of the time, extra house guests can put your plumbing system to the test. Whether your plumbing is still trying to recover from a busy holiday season in your home, or you are ready to gear up for any celebrations that will be coming in the next few months, call the experts at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. for all of your post-holiday plumbing care. Our experienced team of licensed plumbers is dedicated to providing first-rate plumbing care in Grand Rapids, MN during the holidays and beyond—give us a call to schedule your appointment right away.

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