Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, meaning we’re approaching air conditioning season in a hurry! You can save quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bills without compromising your comfort by taking some steps to improve the efficiency of your AC operation throughout the summer, even on the hottest days of the year.

Here are a few tips for what you can do to improve your air conditioning efficiency at home in Grand Rapids, MN:

  • Keep doors and windows closed: Whenever your air conditioner is running, make sure you have all doors and windows to your home closed. Otherwise, it becomes easy for the cooler air to escape, or for hot air from outdoors to get inside. Either situation makes your air conditioning work harder than necessary to cool your home, which wastes a lot of energy and increases your monthly utility costs.
  • Clean the condenser unit: Your outdoor air conditioning unit will be at its most efficient when it is kept clear of debris. While cleaning the condenser unit can be a bit tricky, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get from doing so. Be sure to read your manual and look at information online about the specific steps you should follow for keeping the condenser clean. If necessary, you can leave this task up to your professional HVAC technician during your next service appointment.
  • Keep your vents clear and clean: Keep all of the vents around your home unobstructed. Move furniture away from them so they can deliver air into your home without any blockages. You should also take a look at the condition of your vents and ducts themselves. Do they look like they’ve accumulated a good amount of dust, pet hair and other debris? If so, you should clear them out, as this debris will make it harder for your air conditioning to operate at peak efficiency. If necessary, you can hire a professional to come in and perform some duct cleaning for you.
  • Seal up leaks: The areas of your home that are most prone to air leakage are the spaces around your windows and under your doors, as well as your attic. Investing in extra insulation for your attic can go a long way toward improving your home’s energy efficiency and cut down on how hard your air conditioning system has to work to cool your home. You can seal up window gaps with caulk and other sealants.
  • Cover your windows: During the day, you can draw your curtains or close your blinds to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from passing into the home and causing excessive heat transfer. This can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system as well.

These are just a few examples of some of the steps you can take to cut down on the amount of energy you need to expend on air conditioning. These steps will also save you significant money on your monthly energy bills. For more information about AC maintenance in Grand Rapids, MN, contact Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. today.

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