Common Summer Plumbing Issues

When the weather turns warmer here in Minnesota, it’s a cause for celebration. Outdoor activities become much more common, the kids are out of school and have a lot of fun things to do and you can spend the additional daylight hours with friends and family. However, summer can also bring its own unique plumbing problems in Grand Rapids, MN. Certain issues are more common in the summer months than at any other time. With this in mind, our team of professional plumbers has put together this list of issues you’ll want to keep an eye on even as you enjoy the hot months of summertime.

Flooding in the basement

One of the problems with summertime is that it’s usually one of the periods where we see the most rain. This can be nice to cool things down, and even give your kids a clean slate for chalk on the driveway, but it can have some ill effects as well. Unexpected rain, especially heavy downpours and storms, can create flooding problems much faster than many people expect. So, plumbing maintenance in Grand Rapids, MN should include making sure your basement is properly waterproofed, and that your sump pump is both properly maintained and ready to work at a moment’s notice.

Showers and drains can take a hit

One of the best parts of summer is trips to the beach, lakes and other unique areas that are best enjoyed when the weather is warm. Sometimes when you return from these trips, however, you might have brought back more than you bargained for. The sand that felt so good when you were sitting on the beach can now go down your drain and help contribute to plumbing problems in Grand Rapids, MN. Thankfully, this issue is usually just a matter of preventative maintenance—you’re best off rinsing off at the beach or the lake before you return home. Minimizing debris in your drains is the best way to prevent clogs that can cost you time and money.

Washing machine overload

Another aspect of plumbing challenges that our team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. sees very frequently is related to the one above. Towels and other heavy-duty items get a lot of use in the summertime and will need regular washing. These are quite large and heavy when they’re wet, of course, so they can really increase the strain on washing machines if you’re not careful. It’s best to do multiple smaller loads to lessen the wear and tear—plumbing problems in Grand Rapids, MN can often be nipped in the bud through this type of careful action on the part of homeowners.

Summertime should be a time to forget about concerns like plumbing issues, and it’s possible to easily keep them at bay by using some simple tips. However, if you have an issue that you feel is beyond your capabilities to address, give Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. a call. One of our licensed technicians will be out in no time at all to make sure your plumbing is back up to speed and the summer fun can keep going!

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