Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

There’s nothing worse than realizing your heater isn’t working. We’ve all been there: it’s a cold day, and suddenly the air coming from the vents seems to be just as frigid as the air outside. There are many reasons why your furnace might start blowing cold air. Some issues are easy enough to fix on your own. When furnace repairs are needed, Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. in Grand Rapids, MN can help with any problems you might have. Here are some things to check before calling the experts.

Check your settings

The first thing to check when your furnace is blowing cold air is the settings on your thermostat. The air coming from your vents might seem cool if you set the temperature too low, or if you accidentally set the fan to “on” rather than “auto.” If the fan is constantly running, there are times that the air from your vents will feel cool. Change the setting and you shouldn’t need any furnace repair to feel hot air coming from your vents again.

The pilot light might be out

Though an inconvenience, a pilot light going out is another easy fix to get warm air blowing in your home again. Check the instructions on your furnace to learn how to relight the pilot. If you have trouble relighting the pilot yourself, there is a chance that your pilot light is dirty and needs to be cleaned, or that your gas supply is low.

You need more gas

If your gas supply is low, your furnace might start blowing cold air. If your furnace isn’t getting enough gas to heat properly, it could lock itself down for safety reasons. There is also the chance that a gas line has been severed somehow, in which case you have a major safety issue on your hands and need to call a plumber or your gas company right away.

Filters or drains are clogged

If you’ve forgotten to change your air filters for a long time, there’s a chance that your furnace will stop working. A clogged filter can cause your furnace to overheat, which will make your furnace shut down to protect itself. Some furnaces have drain lines for condensation. If one of those drain lines gets clogged, your furnace will also most likely shut down. Keeping up with proper furnace maintenance of keeping your furnace clean and replacing filters regularly will prevent the need for any furnace repairs in Grand Rapids, MN.

You need a new flame sensor

Dirty flame sensors are a common problem. Flame sensors are meant to shut down a furnace if the flame goes out, but sometimes the sensor gets dirty and can no longer accurately detect a flame. The sensors can be cleaned, but sometimes they need to be replaced.

Damaged air ducts

Sometimes cold air doesn’t require furnace repairs at all. If your air ducts are damaged or have significant leaks, they may allow enough cold air in that it feels like your system is blowing cold air.

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