Telltale Signs Your Plumbing Needs Repairs

Many homeowners don’t remember the last time their plumbing system was checked, if they’ve had it inspected at all. This is a crucial part of home maintenance because, chances are, you’re in need of some plumbing replacement. Keep an eye out for these common signs of deterioration and contact your local plumber in Grand Rapids, MN when it’s time for a brand-new plumbing installation.

Brown water

Water that has a brownish red color is never a good sign. It means that rust is flowing through your pipes and contaminating the water supply. Rusty water is dangerous to your family’s health, so avoid drinking from the tap until a plumber can inspect the pipes.

Rust also does more than taint your drinking water. Too much will clog the plumbing system and lead to a burst pipe. If your water is anything but crystal clear, schedule a plumbing replacement with your local contractor in Grand Rapids, MN. It’s a lot cheaper to replace old pipes than to fix your home after a catastrophe.

Old pipe material

Most pipes last a lifetime, but old homes will likely need a plumbing replacement at some point. How often you install new pipes depends on the material currently in your home. For instance, PVC pipes can break down after just 25 years, while brass and steel might endure for a century! If you’re not sure which material is in your home, consult a plumber from Grand Rapids, MN to determine when you’ll need a new plumbing installation.

Older homes are most likely to contain lead pipes. Lead is a dangerous material, which is why construction workers never use it while building modern homes. Ingesting water that’s contaminated with lead results in serious health consequences, so have your plumbing system inspected by an expert right away.

Low water pressure

It’s hard to perform daily actions like taking a shower or washing dishes when the water pressure is down to a trickle. Homeowners who suffer from low water pressure should flush the pipes with drain cleaner to clear away potential blockages. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you probably have a leaky pipe somewhere in the house.

Leaky pipes don’t just cause low water pressure. A leak means water is getting into places where it shouldn’t be, like your house’s framing and foundation, which undermines its structural integrity. Leaky pipes can also lead to a host of problems like rotten wood, mold growth and pest infestations.

Visible damage

Even if your water is running just fine, it’s worth inspecting exposed pipes in the basement for signs of wear and tear. Puddles on the floor will betray the presence of tiny leaks that are difficult to spot. Dents, flaking and discoloration are symptoms of deteriorating pipes and warrant a new plumbing installation from your local contractor.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes in your home. Schedule a consultation with the plumbers at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. to see if your pipes need some repairs. Our plumbing experts are trained to detect even the most subtle signs of damage, so you’ll never have to worry about rust, leaks or low water pressure. When your pipes are causing problems, you can count on us to provide the solution.