Why Are Furnace Inspections So Important?

When blisteringly cold winter conditions roll into Grand Rapids, MN, every homeowner takes comfort in being able to kick on their home’s furnace and bask in the warm air that’s blown into their living spaces. But this is only a reality if you’ve stayed up to date on HVAC maintenance and furnace inspections. Without the reliability of a working furnace, you could be in for a very long winter.

Many homeowners wonder, why are furnace inspections important? If you turn the thermostat to “warm” and the furnace kicks on, why call an HVAC tech for an inspection? The reality is, just because your furnace works right today doesn’t mean it’s going to work on a frigid winter day. The only way you can be sure is to have your furnace inspected, serviced and maintained.

Here’s a look at a few of the reasons furnace inspections are so important and why it’s worth it to get one before you need to rely on your furnace for extended periods:

  • The assurance of function: As mentioned, the most important reason to consider a furnace inspection before periods of heavy use is to make sure your unit is up for the job. If your system is going to run for several cycles each day, every day of the week, for weeks at a time, it’s smart to make sure there aren’t underlying issues that might creep up.
  • Safety considerations: Your furnace is a marvel of engineering, but there are some very basic safety considerations that can result from an under-maintained or damaged system. The biggest issue is carbon monoxide from improper venting. Other safety concerns have to do with the flame sensor and filter—both of which can result in fires if under-maintained. A furnace inspection will bring any safety issues to light so you can fix them.
  • Lower cost of ownership: HVAC inefficiency is the enemy of any homeowner. If you notice your heating costs rising, it’s a sign there’s something inefficient about the operation of your furnace. Call for an inspection to identify and fix these issues as soon as possible, to lower the total cost of ownership for your system by cutting those utility costs down.
  • Improve unit longevity: The cost of an inspection is nominal compared to the cost of major repairs—especially ones that could’ve been avoided with a little proactive maintenance. You can improve your furnace’s longevity by catching problems early, fixing them and improving the long-term prospects of the unit. Instead of replacing it a few years down the line, you might get a few extra years out of a well-maintained furnace.

Why are furnace inspections important? When you consider the safety prospects, cost savings and general convenience of a furnace inspection vs. repair or replacement, it makes sense to stay on top of seasonal or annual inspections. Let the early indicators of a Grand Rapids, MN winter be your signal to schedule an inspection with a qualified HVAC technician—like a member of our team here at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc.