How Often You Change Your HVAC Air Filter Depends on These Four Things

If you’re using an HVAC system, then you know the importance of changing out the air filter on a regular basis. This is to ensure the air coming into the home is clean and breathable. Air filters have a relatively short lifespan, so checking them regularly is important. But how often you change out that air filter depends on a number of factors.

Depending on the kind of air filter you have, along with several other variables, you may have to change the air filter more or less frequently. Read on to find out how often you need to change your air filter in Grand Rapids, MN.

Types of air filters

The material the air filter is made of will be one factor that determines how frequently it needs to be changed. Fiberglass filters are an inexpensive option, but that’s because they need to be changed very frequently, typically once every 30 days. Pleated air filters are made of higher-quality materials. These last three to six months, but again, there are other factors that will impact even a high-quality filter’s lifespan.

Frequency of use

For a vacation home that you don’t use very often, you can probably get by switching out air filters once each year. But for a typical home, you’ll want to do it at least once every 90 days or so. When the HVAC system is being used day in and day out, such as at the peak of summer and winter, you may want to check and change the filter even more regularly.

Home size and pets

Homes with a single person don’t require the air filter to be switched out as often as those with large families. Pets also add to the burden placed on an air filter. One rule of thumb: for every pet you have, figure you’ll get about 30 fewer days out of an air filter. That’s because pets shed fur and bring dust, pollen and dirt into the home, much of which will be trapped in the air filter. The same goes for living in a large city—the surrounding air quality may mean your home’s air filter needs to deal with more smog, debris and dust.


People with allergies should make sure they’re regularly switching out their air filters. That’s because harmful contaminants that trigger allergies, like dust and pollen, will be trapped by a well-functioning air filter. One that’s been used up is liable to spread poor-quality air into the home that can irritate your allergies and exacerbate your symptoms.

The list here only covers some of the things that affect how often you change your home air filter in Grand Rapids, MN. When you’re looking for the experts in HVAC systems, trust Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. For nearly four decades, we’ve helped customers with all of their plumbing and heating needs.

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