How Often Should I Get My Plumbing Inspected?

Plumbing is something we often take for granted. Most of the elements of the plumbing systems in our homes are not visible, so it’s no surprise that we don’t often think about them. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But it doesn’t work that way with plumbing, because we certainly do think about it when something goes wrong. In fact, if that happens, then it can be the only thing we do think about until it’s fixed.

There are many problems that can arise in the plumbing system. These problems can range in severity from backed-up drains to broken pipes, but none of them is something you want to have to deal with if you can avoid it. Fortunately, many of these potential problems can be identified before they become a major issue.

A plumbing inspection in Grand Rapids, MN can find the problems that may be lurking in the “invisible” system of pipes that make up a plumbing system. When should you schedule a plumbing inspection? Well, there are a few different answers to that question.

For starters, if you suspect there may be a problem in the plumbing system, it’s a good idea to schedule a home plumbing inspection in Grand Rapids, MN as soon as possible. This could be an issue like slow drains in one area or throughout the house or a slow leak somewhere in the system.

It’s also important to inspect pipes in Grand Rapids, MN on a regular basis, whether you have a known issue with the plumbing or not. A suggested timeframe for regular inspections is once every two years. There are other situations, however, where this may need to be bumped up to more frequent inspections. Here are some other situations to consider getting a plumbing inspection more frequently.

Older home

If you’re in an older home, the chances are that the plumbing is just as old. This is especially concerning if your home was built before the 1960s. Homes built before this era often used steel pipes for the plumbing systems. At the time, this seemed like a great idea since steel was very strong and readily available; however, steel pipes can deteriorate over time, leading to leaks or burst pipes. In some cases, it can even lead to the addition of lead in your water supply.

Big trees

If you have large trees close to your home, it may be wise to schedule plumbing inspections more frequently than once every two years. The root systems from large trees can and will push through anything in their path, including concrete walls and metal pipes. Plumbers will know exactly what to look for when it comes to potential root damage to a plumbing system.

When you need a home plumbing inspection in Grand Rapids, MN, get in touch with the team at Rapids Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today. With more than 35 years of experience serving area property owners, you can rest easy knowing we’ll get the job done right the first time.