Is My Air Conditioner Working Properly?

With the summer months in full swing, it’s important that your air conditioner is working efficiently. You want to get the most out of your air conditioning, and an improperly working AC unit can make your home an uncomfortable temperature and increase your energy bills. Thankfully, there are many ways to tell if your air conditioning is doing its job efficiently. Read on for ways to check your AC unit, as well as for some AC maintenance tips:

  • Keep an eye on the thermostat: If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, consider checking the thermostat. When a thermostat is on the fritz, it might not display the right temperature. Make sure your thermostat has fresh batteries. Sometimes, a thermostat might need replacing entirely. Be sure to do research into plenty of different thermostats and have your new one installed by a professional.
  • Check your circuit breaker: A flipped circuit breaker could easily cause issues with your air conditioning system. Check your circuit breaker and look for any blown fuses. If the fuse connected to your air conditioner has flipped, simply flip it back. There are many reasons the circuit connected to your air conditioner may have tripped, including thunderstorms, loose wires, fan motor issues and more.
  • Change your air filter on a routine basis: It’s important to always change or clean your air filter when necessary. When the air filter is covered in a layer of dust, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to get cold air out. Not only that, but a dirty air filter increase the presence of dust and other allergens in your home. Avoid this by replacing your air filter every month or so.
  • Check for other problem areas: The reason your home is warmer than usual may have nothing to do with your air conditioner. Make sure all your windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent cool air from escaping. It’s also a good idea to invest in darker curtains, especially if you live in an area where it gets extremely hot. Consider using ceiling fans to take some of the pressure off your air conditioner as well. Doing so can help keep your home a little cooler and save some money on your energy bill.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit: Sometimes tree branches and other forms of debris can obstruct your outdoor AC unit. Check the outdoor unit from time to time and be sure it’s free of debris. In fact, there shouldn’t be any debris within two feet of your outdoor unit.
  • Make sure the drain line isn’t frozen: A frozen drain line could easily cause your air conditioner to stop working properly. Ice on the drain line usually means the unit is leaking refrigerant.

The best way to tell if your air conditioning is working is by having the unit inspected. Inspections from a reputable air conditioning service provider will determine any problem areas with your unit. Let the experts at Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc. take a look at your air conditioner today. We provide fair and competitive prices on AC maintenance, repairs and inspections!