Late Summer AC Tips

Soon it’ll be fall, but for right now, summer is hanging on. Your air conditioner has already experienced a lot of wear and tear over the last couple of months—and that means regular AC maintenance is in order.

Let’s take a look at our leading late summer AC tips to ensure your unit keeps working efficiently and won’t break down when you’re ready to turn it on for the first time next summer.

Don’t forget about air filters

The basics are important, which is why it’s critical to stay on top of air filter changes for your HVAC system. The filter needs to be switched out at least once every three months. Certain filters may need to be changed out once monthly. So if you haven’t done this yet this summer, it’s time for a new filter.

Replacing the filter is crucial to keep the air in your home clean and to keep the unit running as efficiently as possible. A dirty filter will put undue strain on the system’s motors, which can result in breakdowns and tripped circuit breakers.

Clean the outdoor space surrounding the unit

Check the AC’s condenser cabinet, and ensure that the space is free of any branches, twigs, leaves and rocks. You also want to clear away any plants that are growing near the unit. It’s important to clear these away to avoid later damage.

Check for any lingering issues

Maybe you’ve been ignoring a sound that the air conditioner is making, figuring that it’s late in the summer and soon you won’t need the cooler air. But looking the other way isn’t going to make things any better. Cleaning up these minor problems now means you’re less likely to deal with major repairs in the future—or, even worse, you might need to replace the entire HVAC unit before its time, costing you thousands of dollars.

Inspect the thermostat

Keeping good thermostat control is one of the leading ways to ensure that your air-conditioning bills never get too high. It’s recommended to keep your thermostat at about 78°F; however, if the thermostat isn’t working properly, then the AC will turn on at incorrect times and waste power, leading to higher energy bills.

That means you want to check on the thermostat’s batteries. Go through the thermostat’s programs, and make sure that it’s executing each one correctly. If it isn’t, you may need the help of an AC maintenance professional to repair or replace the thermostat.

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