Create Good Feng Shui in the Main Entry of Your Home

What’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your home? Visitors are greeted by your front door and your main entryway. This space sets the tone for their entire experience. If you want to create good feng shui in your home, it’s important to make certain efforts with the main entry.

Taking a few simple steps with your entry can greatly enhance the feng shui in your home. Use the following tips for improving the vibe in your home.

Define it

Some layouts tend to minimize the entryway. It may flow directly into another room. Use furniture, a rug or other décor to define the space and establish it as the entry of your home.

Use it

It’s common for people to use a point of entry other than the main door of their home. Don’t abandon your main entry completely. Make an effort to use is occasionally, for better feng shui in your home. The structure was designed with this entry as the welcome center, so make use of it. Using it on occasion will also help you remember to keep up maintenance in this area so it’s not neglected.

Keep it clean

Improving the vibe in your home starts with a clean entry. This can be easy to overlook as you work to keep the rest of your home clean. Be sure to wipe down the door, frame, knobs and hinges and sweep around the front door.

Keep it clutter-free

Make sure the entry of your home is open and accessible. Can you easily walk through the door and enter your home? Remove any clutter that would make it hard to reach the front door from the interior or exterior, as well as anything that would make it difficult to open the door fully.

Make it inviting

Take a look at your entry area. Could it use a fresh coat of paint? Are the light fixtures outdated? For good feng shui in your home, keep things current and attractive in your entry area. Use plants to brighten the space and make it more inviting. Choose welcoming décor that helps with improving the vibe of your home.

Make it visible

Look at your front door from the curb. Can you see your house number? Does any landscaping block the entry? Make sure visitors or delivery people won’t have a hard time finding your home or finding the entry.

Make it comfortable

When you or your visitors enter your home, you want the environment to feel comfortable. On a hot day, you want cool, calming temperatures. In cold weather, you want inviting, warm surroundings to welcome people in. Make sure your HVAC system is set properly and airflow around the entry space is sufficient for improving the vibe in your home.

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