Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Spring by Following Six Simple Steps

The arrival of spring is a joyous occasion, but before you start planning a picnic at the park, you probably have some chores to take care of first. For instance, have you taken the necessary steps to prepare your air conditioner for the spring season?

Many AC units go into hibernation during winter. That may also apply to your household’s AC unit. Before you start using your air conditioner, you must take the time to prep it properly. The six steps we’ve detailed in this article will help with that so please check them out!

Check Up on Your Air Conditioner

To get started, you need to check on your air conditioner. Go outside and see how your AC braved the winter.

Clear away any dirt and debris on the unit because those particles can hamper its performance. Hopefully, the cover on your AC unit caught all the dirt and debris. Just remove the cover, and you’ll be able to clear the appliance quickly.

Inspect the Breaker for Your Air Conditioner

Did you turn off the breaker for your air conditioner before you allowed it to hibernate for the winter? If so, you need to turn that back on before you can start circulating cool air inside your home again.

Before you toggle with that breaker, go ahead and give it a long look over. You should inspect the panel and the other breakers too. Use this as an opportunity to conduct a check of your home’s electrical system. If everything looks good, go ahead and turn on the breaker.

See if the Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced

Air filters prevent dust and other unwanted particles from entering your home via the AC unit. If they are caked in dirt, they won’t do their job properly.

A faulty air filter inside your AC unit is bad not just because it affects air quality. You also need to do something about that filter because it can run up your electric bill and damage the unit.

Check if your AC unit’s air filter is dirty before using it again. Remember that some filters can last for up to six months while others are only good for two. Take a close look at your filter so you can be certain of its condition.

Clean the Air Conditioner’s Coils

Once you’re done with the filter, you can turn your attention to the AC unit’s coils. They may also be covered in a thick layer of dirt. Clean them up, so they don’t interfere with the operation of your AC unit.

Avoid using too much pressure to clean the coils or else they could end up damaged.

Examine the Air Ducts

You should also examine your air ducts carefully before you start using your air conditioner again. Open up the vent covers so you can get a good look at the air ducts.

Don’t try to clean the air ducts yourself because they can easily get damaged. It’s best to leave the job of cleaning them up to the professionals.

Get Your AC Unit Tuned Up

There are still aspects of your air conditioner that you haven’t inspected yet. Those are the components that require attention from a professional HVAC technician.

Paying for an annual tune-up may not be something you want to do initially, but it beats paying for repairs or purchasing an entirely new unit.

Prepare for the warm spring weather by getting your air conditioner in gear. Follow the tips we highlighted in this article because they are crucial for proper air conditioner preparation.