How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Spring

What do you think of when you hear the words “spring cleaning”? In all likelihood, you probably think about cleaning your gutters, your closet and maybe even your garage.

However, you cannot stop there. With the weather getting warmer, you also have to think about HVAC maintenance.

So, how do I get my HVAC ready for spring? The preparations I make are not that complicated. Let me tell you more about them below.

Change Your HVAC System’s Filters

The filters in your HVAC unit are responsible for keeping the air circulating inside your home clean. They also work to keep the interior of your HVAC unit free from debris.

Replacing your HVAC system’s filters regularly is a must. Ideally, you want to change them about every three months or so. That makes things simpler for you because you can just replace your filters at the start of each season.

Thoroughly Inspect Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC unit may not have gotten much run throughout the late fall and winter months. Because of that, you may have also failed to pay attention to that element of your home.

Before the start of spring, you should spare a few hours to inspect your HVAC unit.

Look over it carefully and watch for signs of damage. Go check for any signs of damage that were caused by debris. While you’re at it, you should also look for any bits of debris that could hamper the performance of the unit.

You should also check the pipes leading to and from your HVAC unit. See if they have been damaged in any way.

Clean Your HVAC System

Don’t forget to include your HVAC system on the list of things you need to work on for spring cleaning. Go to your unit and remove all the debris you can from there. Work carefully to avoid damaging the unit.

The vents and ducts connected to your HVAC unit will also benefit from cleaning. This is not a job you should handle by yourself, given how susceptible to damage those elements of your HVAC system are. Instead, you should let the professionals handle the cleaning of those ducts and vents.

Connect a Smart Thermostat to Your HVAC System

Unlike the things we’ve already mentioned, connecting a smart thermostat to your HVAC system is something you’ll only have to do once in a while. It won’t be a yearly thing.

We recommend upgrading your HVAC system by linking it to a smart thermostat so you can more precisely control your home’s comfort level. That smart thermostat can also extend the longevity of your system while simultaneously improving its efficiency.

You will get more than your money’s worth from installing that new smart thermostat.

Get Your HVAC System Maintained Annually

How can I keep my HVAC running well? That’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself at some point.

Truthfully, there is only so much you can do as a homeowner. When it comes to thorough HVAC maintenance, you need to bring in the pros.

Schedule an annual spring tune-up for your HVAC system so you can make sure that it stays in prime condition. Even if issues do arise, the technicians will be able to spot them early and administer the necessary fixes.

Getting your HVAC system ready for another year of service takes a considerable amount of work. Still, investing time and money into all that prepping is preferable to having your HVAC system break down unexpectedly.