Tips To Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

As fall comes to a close, making sure your furnace is winter ready will become a top priority. Soon, you’ll be flipping the switch from cool to heat, and you’ll need to be ready. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions and tips to get your furnace ready for winter.

How Should I Handle Air Filters?

It’s important to change your air filters, especially as seasons change. A new air filter will ensure your furnace works as efficiently as possible. You’ll want to change your filter every few months, but for greater results, change it monthly.

What About the Thermostat Settings?

Check your thermostat settings and make sure they’re set to "heat." If you have a programmable thermostat, you can also set it to lower the temperature when you’re not home to save on energy costs. This will save you a lot of money, especially when it’s really cold outside.

How Do I Check the Igniter Switch?

If you have an older furnace, it may have an igniter switch. If this is the case, check to make sure that the switch is turned on. If not, your furnace won’t turn on when you need it to. Newer furnace systems have electronic igniters, and you can try resetting it or checking your breaker box. When in doubt, contact a professional.

Should I Cover My AC Condenser?

You can cover the condenser to protect it from falling snow and ice. The only exception would be if you have a heat pump where it would not be necessary to cover. You can use a board to cover it, or even a trash can lid. You’ll want to make sure whatever cover you use doesn’t allow moisture to seep in.

Do I Need To Clean My Furnace Before the Winter Months Start?

It’s always a good idea to clean your furnace, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s very dirty. Dust and debris can accumulate over time and impact how well your furnace runs. You’ll want to vacuum around the unit and clean off any visible dirt or grime. You can also schedule a professional service to clean your furnace so you don’t miss any spots.

By following these tips for preparing furnace components for winter, you can be sure that your furnace will be ready to go when the cold weather hits. You’ll stay warm and prevent any unforeseen breakdowns.