Why Plumbing Clogs More in Winter

Winter can be hard on many of us. From the colder temperatures and howling winds, along with the ice and snow, winter can take its toll. People and animals, however, aren’t the only victims of harsh winter conditions. Our plumbing systems are also asked to endure more during winter months, but why are clogs more consistent in winter and colder seasons?

Here are a few reasons why our plumbing systems tend to be more troublesome during the coldest months and some tips on how to prevent plumbing clogs in winter too.

Why Are Clogs More Consistent in Winter Months?

There are a few reasons why home and property owners contend with plumbing clogs more often in the winter. The good news is there are ways to help protect your plumbing systems and pipes and reliable and professional help when you have clogs.


Easily the number one culprit for clogs during winter is frozen pipes. If any section of the plumbing system freezes, it will lock and back up the entire plumbing system, and potentially cause even greater problems, such as burst pipes.

To help prevent this problem, burying the sewer pipes below the frost line is a good start. Additionally, you want to ensure that drains and gutters are clear of any debris or trash. Lastly, and no less important, is to keep running water in the system. Leaving the faucet on just enough to dribble during sub-freezing temperatures will help prevent freezing.

Increased Usage Demands

Winter months also mean less time outside and more time indoors. Especially for larger families, that equates to more people using the faucet, toilet, shower, and washer more often. This increased use also enhances the possibility of clogs or system failure.

Reminding everyone during the winter months to only put toilet paper in the toilet and avoid rinsing grease and other potential clogging hazards down the drain can be helpful. While these steps are by no means foolproof, they can and will help reduce the chances of getting a plumbing clog.

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